For Building a Caring Community

Designed for and by older adults, UrLoop provides the best in service for senior living communities.

For Senior Living Providers

Tools to enable improved delivery of services, staff scheuduling, and communitcation for ultimate resident and staff satisfaction.

For Community Staff

Ability to better communicate, track tasks, and increase resident engagement.

For Residents

The opportunity to be treated with the utmost respect, care, and responsiveness.

Why we care

Every community consists of unique personalities that should be celebrated and filled with joy. Providers deserve assurance that residents are happier and confident that their needs are being fully addressed.

Who we are

A passionate, intergenerational group of experienced entrepreneurs who are committed to making a difference in the perception of and quality of life for our older adults.

What we do

Provide an uniquely interactive AI based communication and service request software solution that older adults trust and use.

Whom We Serve

All older adults as well as the adult communities who cater to them.

The UrLoop Platform

Care Assessment

Determines level of care required

Staff Scheduler

Assigns service requests to staff members based on a number of variables.

Service Requests Management System

Generates a plan based on the care assessment for the activities of daily living along with on-demand service requests

Engagement Tools

Increase social engagement amongst staff and residents to reduce social isolation by providing encrypted chat, an event calendar, and community groups.

Turn 65 Daily in the US
Use the internet daily
Say they are lonely
U.S. Population over 50
Working with world's best companies.
Customer Testimonials
“Rolling out UrLoop at our communities will allow us to experience the immense power of the software in action. We are thrilled that Urloop will enable us to positively influence the happiness in the life of both our staff and our residents.”


Josh J.
Community Owner
“UrLoop is the perfect partner for us. They listen, they collaborate, they implement and then our staff and residents get to use this uniquely innovative software to make them happier.”


Jason E.
Community Owner
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